Pros and cons of e-learning

As with many things in life, elearning has its benefits and drawbacks. 

Here is a list of few of the challenges that you may face:

  • Lack of human contact
    The “e” stands for electronic. As you know elearning is delivered through computers, and lately also via mobile devices. Especially if you are not using video-conferencing apps, at some point the process might seem boring. The human being is by nature a social being so taking away all forms of interactions with other people might be a demotivating factor for some users.

  • Boredom
    A lot of articles and discussions related to online learning are focused on how to engage and motivate students. The majority of people, as statistics show, don’t finish the courses till the end. In fact one of the main problems related to elearning is the high “mortality” of learners as they often seem to lose motivation because online classes are boring.

  • Lack of focus
    When studying in class there’s not much distraction. On the other hand when studying at home it’s so much easier to lose focus as no one is actually watching you and you have all your personal items within your reach.

But these are just a few obstacles and main advantages of e-learning still make it appealing to millions of people all over the world. Here are the opportunities that despite a few drawbacks e-learning might bring.

  • Adaptiveness
    One of the greatest things about e-learning is that the software and technology can easily evolve according to new pedagogical theories.

  • Mobile Learning
    Nowadays elearning can be delivered also via mobile devices. This means that people can start learning pretty much everywhere, any time they want. Learners can take courses during their morning commute to their workplace by simply bringing their smartphones along with them.

  • Reporting
    In order to gather useful information, and data you can actually use, you have to be extremely precise while reporting by using standards and a unified approach. Thanks to modern technologies it’s extremely easy to automatically create reports that fit your needs, no matter how many learners you’re trying to evaluate.

  • Management
    Obviously it’s important to get reports right away, but it’s also very important to keep your data and reports in a place where you will be able to retrieve them at any time for future analysis and history tracking. Say no to huge paper folders that can easily get lost or ruined. It’s now time to leverage databases and online storage to keep your learner’s records in a permanent and easy to browse organizational system.
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